Sam Winchester is often told that he looks similar to Jared Padalecki . He’s lived for 30 years and has been a hunter all his life. Sam Winchester is currently Open.


For the entirety of his childhood, Sam Winchester was raised on the road and, for the most part, raised by his older brother. Until he was nearly ten years old, Sam believed his father to be a travelling salesman and that his mother had died in a car accident. But when He stumbled upon his father’s hunting journal he demanded that Dean tell him the truth. When Dean did finally tell him what was going on, it was difficult to believe, the supernatural? Hunters? This seemed like the stuff of stories, but it was all too real. Though he was still too young to hunt, Sam still traveled along with his family, simply staying in the cheap motel rooms while John did the hunting. When he was twelve, he started hunting, but quickly became the researcher of the group. It suited him, he was great at finding out information. It was a good life, and Sam never really thought about living any other life but this. At least he didn’t until one of his teachers encouraged him to get out of the family business. To pursuit something he enjoyed, something other than the hunting that took up his life.

Sam shrugged off a normal life to his teacher, but deep down he was conficted, leave his brother and father to get a normal life? Or stay with his family and remain a hunter?. Eventually it lead to a fight between him and his father, ultimately deciding Sam’s fate. His mind was made up, he’d attempt a normal life, so he left for Standford University. It worked, at least for a little bit, and Sam was able to lead a normal life. He fell in love with a girl named Jessica Moore and couldn’t have been happier. Then Dean showed up and everything went to Hell. John was missing, and Dean needed his brothers help. Sam turned him down at first, John was always missing, but when Jessica was killed that same night, in the same way that his mother was, Sam had no choice and he rejoined his brother. 


Sam and Dean have made their way to Mercy Lake, which, after the call from their Warlock contact, seems to be the hub of a lot of supernatural activity much like they were told. Much to their surprise, the entire town is living with vampires and werewolves, seemingly pretty affected by the War seal breaking. 


Selfless -> Empathetic -> Loyal
Blinded -> Co-dependent -> Accident- Prone
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