• Dean Winchester is often told that he looks similar to Jensen Ackles He’s lived for 34 years and has been raised as a hunter. Dean Winchester is currently Open.


Dean is the oldest child born to John and Mary Winchester, Though a few years after he was born His mother was killed by a demon, though when it happened he was too young to understand what was really going on. He was instructed by his father to look after Sam, his younger brother. So that’s what he did. Growing up on the road, Dean’s father was often absent, leaving him as Sam’s protector, and by becoming Sam’s protected, Dean promised to keep him safe. He tried to keep Sam from the truth, but when his younger brother began questioning what really happened to their mother, Dean just couldn’t lie anymore. 

When Sam was old enough, he began to join his brother and father on hunts, though it was clear from the start that Sam wasn’t the best suited to it at that time So Dean and his father did the majority of the dirty work while Sam did the research. Even though his brother wanted a normal life, Dean loved this, he reveled in the thrill of the hunt, He gave up any dreams of ever having a normal life and when Sam left for university Dean watched him go. He and his father were a better team, they got along better and they knew what they were doing. It was going well until John didn’t return from a hunt and Dean couldn’t reach him. Knowing he only had one choice, Dean drove to Stanford U to seek his brother’s help. It didn’t come as a surprise that Sam was less than willing to help, but Dean didn’t leave. He wouldn’t dare leave, not without his brother.

The pair hunted together in search of their father, but life took its usual unfortunate twists along the way. They lost their father who made a trade for Dean to have his life back. In turn Dean made the same trade for Sam to have his life. He ended up in Hell, but his brother got his life. He’d been there for what felt like forty years when a mysterious creature

pulled him free. It turned out to be an angel of the Lord named Castiel, they couldn’t seem to shake this curious angel, and still haven’t been able to.


Sam and Dean have made their way to Mercy Lake, which, after the call from their Warlock contact, seems to be the hub of a lot of supernatural activity much like they were told. Much to their surprise, the entire town is living with vampires and werewolves, seemingly pretty affected by the War seal breaking. 


Harsh → Sarcastic → Broken
Loyal Independent

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